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Hellva Weekend February 18, 2008

Posted by Marie in Happy Happy Joy Joy.
It was one hellva weekend and I didn’t get enough sleep and especially since the week before was horrible… I’m super tired and now have a bad cold. Yes, I’m weak and sickly but I can still kick your ass… ahaha… as Ann would say…."so violent".
Anyways, we didn’t make it to Zouk on Friday, so we managed to wake up earlier on Sat and head for the beach with the doggies (sorry JD & G it was a last minute decision, next time, I hope). So Stomper and Chutney had a grand time with Bailey (pics soon). Then we rushed back, showered Stomper and got ready for CNY lunch, visited the folks, got home, laid still for 15 mins, got ready for a wedding dinner, got home, watched a single episode of 24, got ready yet again and off to Zouk for Ready Set Glo. Fun fun fun (pics soon) but I felt a bit old . Supper . Hit the bed at 4.30am.
Woke up at 10, watched TV, skipped mass (I know, bad Marie), had an extra hour of sleep and off to the Bird Park to take pictures and spend time with the babies (Ian & Liam). Ian’s a bit bossy, he’s an aries, I hear it happens ahahaha, watching Liam walk , fall, smile and get up x 50, no tears, is total sweetness. Lotsa pictures!!! I crave a new lens even more now!! Dinner with them and then walk the puppy and I was barely awake at 10.30pm. zzzzz
Long, hard week ahead and it doesn’t let up till I’m whisked away to Bali.


1. Sharkbait - February 19, 2008

Aiyo…don\’t worry about it.  It would be nice though if we did get the Stomper and Scruffy together. 

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