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Fur Not February 21, 2008

Posted by Marie in Pets.
Ok, I could never join PETA cos:-
1. I love meat  and fish, hate my vegetables
2. Love leather, I tried to stop but I just got a leather bag and I want a leather sofa. But I’m thinking we are eating the cows, no?

That being said, I’ve never understood how people can wear fur. Yes, I know it feels nice but it makes me sneeze and the thought of foxes, bunnies, dogs and cats being killed so sadistically makes me sad. Loving dogs and cats, the thought that someone might look at Stomper and Chutney and go… hmmm nice silky fur…I shall make a scarf outta them makes me ill.

Maybe I shouldn’t preach till I give up meat but as far as I’m concern if you love dogs, you can’t like wearing fur, it’s just so wrong. Thus, just to restore my karma, for everything leather thing I get, I’ll be donating to PETA, so I just donated 50 bucks (I know it ain’t much but it’s something). Very easy to donate, it took 2 mins.



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