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Couch Potato February 25, 2008

Posted by Marie in Chill.
Back from the weekend and while putting on my face at my desk (before 8.30am) I’m getting 4 request and all urgent. Grrr.
On Sat, after work, met Ann for Pump and ohmigawd, my body hurts! It’s like punishment for ditching gym for 2 weeks. Went over to the parents, made them walk Stomper, we had pizza and just chilled. Plus Syl delievered my Coach bag! Oh the new bag smell. Loves it!!!
On Sunday, I watched Bold & Beautiful  and R went to the gym, I kept watching crap TV… MTV’s My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding… people spend 2 million on a wedding!! 2 MILLION!! It was a pink overload and woah lotsa people can’t dance. ahaha. Then Gilmore Girls. Bliss!! Got off our asses and went to East Coast to walk Stomper, wanted to let her play with other dogs and get some cider (that’s for me). It was a disappointment cos Scruffy Murphy’s does NOT allow dogs anymore! Sob. But they allowed us to have dinner if we sat at the edge. Blah. I wish Singaporeans would allow a few places to remain dog friendly. Damn it.


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