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Sleepy Weekend March 3, 2008

Posted by Marie in Chill.
I told myself to take photos of all the awesome food I had last weekend and I forgot…. or ate too fast and photos when you’re half way through your food ain’t pretty.
Anyways, this weekend was nice cept’ we didn’t get to the beach as planned cos the weather sucked.
Sat, I woke up early cos the puppy demanded breakfast, so I had mine as well and took her down for a minute before it started pouring so she had a quick walk under the blocks. blah. Then I went home and slept some more! ahahahaa. Headed to Ikea to get Cider and other stuff and R finally got a new cap! 75 bucks for a cap! *faints* Went for mass and then dinner at Tony Romas… the one thing R wanted; Beef Ribs were sold out  but he ‘made do’ with St Louis Ribs. Heh. Then he booked PS I Love You… which I have to say was a great movie and I kept tearing so paisay!! It was heartwarming, truthful, funny, sad… kinda a must see, maybe borrow the DVD kinda movie.
Sun, I managed to stay in bed till 10, watch B&B and slept again! Woot! I’m such a pig. Then R dragged my ass to the gym. I just did cardio cos I was too lazy to think about weights. Rushed home picked Stomper up and off to the parents for Chicken Rice. Stomper got loads of chicken breast and kept demanding more… in the end she was content with cucumber, yes, I have a strange dog. Beside cucumber, she loves apple, pear, carrot and pomelo… health nut.
Since we’re done with 24, we’ve started watching Sex and the City. Loves it.
Cycle/ Warm up :: 10 mins
Crosstrainer :: 33 mins, Interval, 260cals, L4


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