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Weekendzzzzz March 10, 2008

Posted by Marie in Blah.
If  you haven’t already watched Juno, go watch it quick. It’s hilarious, quirky and has the right dose of sarcasm. Watched it over the weekend when R had a quick boys night out which ended at 11pm? I know…uh? I dunno…a bit lame but then again our girls night out usually starts at midnight…hmmm. 

I had a great weekend. Friday, I wore non-matching slippers, and went to Orchard, was told I didn’t have enough credit on my card because I have mine and Allen’s gym memberships on that card and I haven’t paid my credit card bill yet, rushed to watch 10,000 BC, which was only alright, I believe they got their time-lines a bit messed up. Saturday,  took Stomper for a swim, went to the gym, did the HIIT which made me want to hit R! Watched a movie w Ann and more SATC. On Sunday, went to mass, had great Indian food, Ben and Jerrys for dessert, played with the babies, had a quick nap, seafood birthday (my Daddy’s) dinner with my family, played with the niece, let John drive the Fiat, watched more SATC and then zzzz.

P/S: Stomper nearly broke my nose, I swear I saw stars and she has developed a liking for peeing on the carpet. Not fun.

How was your weekend?



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