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Ma Birthday March 14, 2008

Posted by Marie in Happy Happy Joy Joy.


I know by my age, I should dread birthdays but seriously, age is but a number and birthday week (which runs 2 weeks this year) I get to feel like a princess. I  it!
The plan is
  • 29th, since my dad-in-law’s b’day is on the 2nd April, R is thinking JB, shopping, seafood. I just hope I make it back in time for Pris’s thing.
  • Brunch/ Lunch on the 30th with my folks
  • 30 till 6 April in Bali
  • 12 April, joint celebration with Ames. It’s gonna be a small thing this year, see, I have a BBQ like every 2/3 years and invite EVERYONE but sometimes I need for it to be smaller and glam it up a notch with Ma Bitches.

Plans plans plans…. first I need to get through the next 2 weeks… Open House this weekend, baby sitting a VVIP, organising an important dinner *faints*.

P/S. On a day like this, finally it’s , I wish I was getting a tan, playing with Stomper, cycling at Ubin…anything cept’ being stuck behind a desk.



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