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I lost… was robbed of, my wedding band April 8, 2008

Posted by Marie in Sob Story.
So I’m not sure which…
I’m pretty sure it slipped off while my body got battered and twisted while body-board surfing. It’s hard to keep track when your fingers are sprayed open searching for sand so you know which way is up. I love the ocean and if I lost it then, I can actually live with it.
Senerio 2 – was robbed and didn’t even know it. The hawkers in Bali are a lot ruder, more annoying and touchier than I remember. I got my hands grabbed a few times and I admit, I’d feel really stupid if I truly lost it this way but…. that’s what the police man said.
R was really sweet about it, no jokes, no nagging, no sighs. I was so depressed when I realised it, I couldn’t even cry cos I couldn’t understand it . I’ve never lost anything this important…ever. Silver rings the next time we go away.


1. Mei Hui - April 8, 2008

Either way, losing your ring must really suck especially on your birthday trip. So sorry to hear that. Glad you\’re back in office tho.

2. Vendy - April 8, 2008

I feel your pain…
This time… it can read " much better-er than all the bacon in the world"

3. Sharkbait - April 9, 2008

I\’m sorry for your lost…I know your pain.  I\’d go with the 1st Scenerio, cause it\’s more than likely and at the same time a kinda of bitter sweet thing.
Well the positive side of things is that you\’ve found out that R is really a great husband, who values you and what you have together more than the lost the wedding band. 

4. Marie - April 9, 2008

Yeah, he\’s quite a catch heh heh heh. Now I have to save a lil to get a new ring. Blah.

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