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BeGoneBelly! April 17, 2008

Posted by Marie in Blah.
While I sit and sip on my full fat latte, munching on my chocolate muffin… I receive an sms from the husband about a trip to a Thai island (I haven’t a clue on the name) that we’re planning to go to in Dec. Bascially, I think it’s a private island with basic facilities but the water is beautiful and it nice to be brown during Christmas. So that being said, I’m looking forward to it…. then I find out who’s going…. 3 other women, all who have had at least one child, all smaller and skinner than moi. fuckfreakingsake.
I mean, I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that I’m gonna be a size 10, on a bad month a 12 (UK, okay, US is 8 and 10! hmph) and I’m cool with that. I like my arms, my back, I’m good with my legs, they aren’t indian skinny but they’re strong and tone, I’m even kinda happy with my ass! It’s not sagging yet, I love pasta so a lil orange peel, I can live with but I hate hate HATE my belly. It’s like the bane of my whole exercise programme…. or lack off. It’s like a cruel joke, nature, genes and love of good food make it an uphill task to have a decent tummy. And these woman…flat abs!! BRRRAAAWWWWLLLLL. Oh and also, I’m checking if my parents can come so that’s like 4 women with nicer bodies!!!!!
Starting to train for the sprint or worst case, mini tri (again) and the knees aren’t pleased. Now I have to add ab work every freaking day…. sianz! Help!
Cycling :: 15 mins, L5, 60 cals burnt, 6km
Crosstrainer :: 30 mins, L6, 265 cals burnt, 5.06km (the aim was to get to 5km in 30 mins, so yay!)
Twisty Thing :: 20reps x 25, 20reps x 27.5, 15 reps x 27.5
Sit Ups :: 120


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