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Who needs more Zzzzz April 18, 2008

Posted by Marie in Chill.
For the first time in ages, I slept well… you know the kind… you don’t wake up at 3am to get the puppy off the bed, blow your nose, pee, have to fight to get the blanket back, etc… just zzzzz. I was dreaming I was in my bed back home, yes, I miss my own bed even now, I love my bed, my a/c, my bedding then I stirred and wait, I’m at R’s, and whoa, Stomper’s in her own bed, sweet, it’s Saturday, I can sleep some more…zzz…. wait a minute, I haven’t watched the Movie with Ann and Angie yet… crap it’s Friday, damn it! I forgot to set the alarm and had 20 mins to get my ass showered, creamed up, manja Somper, clothes on and out the door.  Not such a great way to start the day.
But, there’s stuff to look forward to. The movie with the girls later, maybe a lil window shopping, the dog run on Sat morning, we’ll be viewing two flats (how grown up), a nice dinner to celebrate 6 months, music cos I need it, church on Sun with Ian and Liam, the hippie picnic and a lil more zzz. I can’t wait for work to be done.
Cycling :: 22 mins, 10.2km, 93 cals burnt only, L5
Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown :: 20reps x 19, 15reps x 22 x 2sets
Barbell Curl :: 15reps x 20kg x 2, 10 reps x halves x 2sets + 5 full reps
Tricep Pulldown :: 20 reps x 10, 15 x 12.5 x 2sets
Side Twisty Thingy :: 20 reps x 25, 15 x 27.5x 2sets
HIIT :: 20 mins, Run – 8.5, Rest – 5.5, 179 cals burnr, 2.45 km


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