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Sucks being Poor. April 21, 2008

Posted by Marie in Gripes.
R keeps telling me it should be fun, but it’s not. It’s not fun stepping into tiny flats and being told it cost more than a house, with a yard, a pool, garage and maybe even a second floor in Australia. The whole point about a valuation is to let people know how much your flat is worth and of course, the nicer it is, the closer the the train station, the newer etc the higher the valuation… so I don’t understand why people are willing pay 30k and above the given valuation price for a flat! Singaporeans in general, aren’t very bright, they tend to raise prices all by themselves and then they complain complain but still fork the cash and spoil the market.
Some fools are asking for 100k more… seriously if I had 100k, I’d get a freaking condo. But to be frank, a condo would stretch us a bit and I want the 30 or 40K grant HDB gives me, it’s not often money falls on your lap like that! It’s just soooo sad, after 2 flats, I feel like I just wanna give up, I’m already tired, I hate dealing with stupid, greedy people, keep your shitty little pigeon holes, I’ll get a swanky pigeon hole with a pool 2 seconds away…and I’ll never get to see Italy. *wail*


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