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Kinda Rockin’ Weekend April 28, 2008

Posted by Marie in Chill.
Ok, I used the term ‘kinda’ cos the Manja Bear aka R is kinda sick.
Anyways, we woke up early on Friday and headed to Sentosa. FYI, Tanjong beach is gross and stinky and covered in slime which sent me screaming. So we went to Silso beach after and I got burn yet again, sigh, I put SPF 30 but my darn shoulders. Sigh!
PIX here
But this has got to be my favourite
Sat, woke up early again and went to get my nails done with my MIL, it was interesting, of course, but overall it was nice to spend a lil time with her. Then I went to get my wedding band done… when I saw the ‘model’ of my band on my finger I was like… ‘oh hello beautiful, I’ve missed you’ heh, should be ready in 3 weeks. Spent the rest of my afternoon window shopping (prep for the Great Singapore Sale) and all I got was…sigh, a knee guard.
Got home to a sickish husband who was dying to get outta the house, so ok… showered, got dressed all over again and he took me to The Universal at Duxton Hill… Now with a name like that I didn’t have high hopes but we both were delighted, 5 course dinner at 78 bucks a person (but with the HSBC card it’s 1 for 1) and great selection of wine, nice setting, I’d recommend it for sure. 
Food Porn here
There are so many good restaurants at Duxton Hill, I can’t wait to go back. 
Sunday, we went to church and gym but didn’t get a chance to play with the 2 monsters cos they were sick too.
Aren’t old churches lovely?
Also I got to catch Gilmore Girls…. great end to a nice long weekend and there’s more coming up! Yippeeee!


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