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Big Plans May 2, 2008

Posted by Marie in Happy Happy Joy Joy.
So I like to PLAN… I can’t help myself it’s what makes me such an events whiz *cough* but yeah, I like to plan big and if I can do 80% of what I wanna do, I’m pleased. Gym yesterday fell into the 20% ahaha, not really my fault, a certain someone refused to wake up, my back and arms hurt so I didn’t wanna go myself… but I woke up early (still) and made the husband blueberry pancakes!
Got ready for breakfast with the girls at Canele for Wen’s b’day which is tomorrow HAPPY BIRTHDAY VEN!! Then we did what all girls do, we went shopping!! After that, we hit the pool, it was 5 mins of being in the sun and the pool was all shade, oh well, skin cancer and all that, it was a blessing. I know I’m the ripe old age of … 27 but I still love the silly games… you know how long can you swim before you take a breath, how hard can you kick and how far can you go. Then went home and I was starving! Had an early dinner, walked the Poo Poo Monster, watched some TV, no idea what show I was watching and then age caught up with me…zzzzz at 10.30pm! Whoa!
Now I’m back at work cos I have Danish visitors and no hot Dane in sight, how blah.
Tonight, we aim to party but… I have nothing to wear 😦 then I have to wake up early on Sat, R will drop me home so I can spend sometime with the Mother cos it’s her birthday too!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!! Then I think there a footie match R wants to watch with Merv, me and Stef will twiddle thumbs and wait, so we can watch Iron Man after!! Sunday, we have to chill with the monsters but …hmm… Gym has to fit in somewhere…. sian.


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