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Disconnect May 5, 2008

Posted by Marie in Chill.
For some reason, I feel very disconnected. I’m not in a good mood neither am I in a bad mood. It just feels like I wanna keep very still, cos anyone or anything could set me off. Strange, cos I have no idea what got me here. I do hope I snap outta it soon.
Anyways, the summary… Butter Factory ‘hotness factor’ is near 0, not a single hottie in the house, music and dance – 1 point (the fact that it’s only 3% of the cliental are malays and indians, you can tell the hip hop factor just ain’t up to standard…serious NOT ONE should spin JT’s Sexy Back and then follow on with Red Red Wine! DJ = Fail). And times like this a non-smoker wants smoking back…farts, BO, medical smells… gag. The company however was great.
Saturday, I forgo gym to spend time with the Mother. I could tell she was happy all her kids were under the same roof, kinda cute. Slept the afternoon away. R watched footie, I read Stef’s magazines. The best bit… we all watched Ironman!! Woot. A must see! Just that if you have the time then say for the burp at the end, if not, don’t worry, it ain’t worth the wait.
Sunday, mass with the monsters and then we dropped by to play with Copper! He’s such a sweetie and sooo manja! He’s so different from Max but for some reason, playing with him made me miss Max even more, or maybe it was just going to Dez’s place and not getting mauled, it finally hit me that Max is gone .
Copper is a total Cutie! Dez scored yet another Chick Magnet.


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