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Who Needs a Red Bull (with vodka…yum) May 9, 2008

Posted by Marie in Chill.
Once a long long time ago, I used to go clubbing every weekend, without fail. Then, it was reduced to either pubbing or clubbing, once a week. After while it was twice a month, then once a month and now… I’m still aiming for once a month but no one really has the energy or time. Blah.
Still, despite the farts, stale sweat stinky smells… which made me wish they’d allow smoking back in clubs, we had fun and I’m sweaty enuf to provide it. Thanks again Pris for the pictures ;)… till June.
Today is a bit of a slacker-ish day so I’m very pleased. We have some b’day monthly celebration, the bosses have meetings and then we’re of to the Ritz for "training"…yeah right, the Heart of the House Tour which ends with High Tea. Sweet!
Gotta chill today cos tmr, is all about pain, sweat and falls… we’re going cycling at Ubin. Can’t wait!! Oh and I just thought I’d mention, last night I was running (from R) and I had to stop cos I couldn’t catch my breath and my fingers tingled…. so yeah, Ubin should be ace! I shall just be the weakest link.


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