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Feeling like Scum May 15, 2008

Posted by Marie in Gripes.
Had to take the morning off simply cos I could not get up. My arms tingled, legs hurt, I’m very tired. After sending smses to the boss etc, I tried to go back to sleep but… nope. Decided to bring Stomper for her walk, it wasn’t a lovely morning walk, for me anyways, I was tired, hungry and then sweaty. Got back, made breakfast, sat very still on the sofa, watched Oprah and before you know it, it’s time to get my sad ass to work. AM leave is so pointless.
I played as much with Stomper as I could, I feel horrid and hate that at this time tomorrow, she’s gonna be in so much pain. I feel like scum. I guess the next two nights are gonna be sleep – less anyways. Add the cough + guilt and you have an all nighter.
I’m gonna end with my only American Idol comment. I hope David Cook wins cos well Archuleta is gonna be making such boring ass records. YAWN. Yes, they can both sing, everyone but the Jason can sing. Ok… one more tiny gripe… that Jason fella is fug lah, he looks like Ernie, you know from Seseme Street.
Ok, I’m gonna try and get some work done while my body feels weak from lack of sleep and guilt.
Thanks MH….

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