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Long Ass Weekend May 20, 2008

Posted by Marie in Chill.
Don’t you just love long weekends? Back to the grind and no holidays till National Day! Poo!
Anyways, The Stomper Romper is totally back to 99% It means she’s her usual nutty self but I’m still freaked out about the stitches popping. Basically she was bouncing off the walls by Saturday afternoon, we have to walk her everyday or she’ll be jumping off and on all the chairs in the house. I didn’t think it’d be possible but she’s more naughty… wasn’t she supposed to be all calm and loving? Hmmm.
I was sitting at home on a Sat night and just knew something was a bit off… yeah… everyone with a life was a Zouk and I wasn’t and no one bothered to tell me. I’m still hurt, I hear everyone had a freaking blast. GRUMBLE.
The good thing about this weekend was that I got to reconnect with da man aka R *wink*, play loads with the puppy, spend time with both families, got called Auntie…like 20 times by Liam and a good night kiss to boot and got in good gym time. Mine, Body and Soul…. just no ZOUK…grrrrrr.
Body Pump
My version of HIIT = 1 min runs and walks for 20 mins, 2.5 km
Crosstrainer :: 30 mins, L5, 270 cals
Abs Twisty Thingy :: 25 x 15reps, 27.5 x 20reps x 2sets
Situps :: 100
Hip, Abs & Ads :: 33 x 30reps x 3sets
Back of Legs :: 15 x 15reps x 1, 17.5 x 15reps x 2sets


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