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Pudgy June 2, 2008

Posted by Marie in Gripes.
I was really proud of myself this week, sure I slacked of earlier in the week but I went for Pump on Thursday, ran 3km on Friday and swam 750m on Sat. By far the swimming part was the hardest and I should have started a month ago but… yeah, I’m gonna work harder. Anyways, I was happy, the good thing is when I exercise like that, I don’t feel like eating, cool uh?
Then…. my darling husband decides to tell me that when we first met… he thought I was PUDGY, I have to admit I cried. I know I’m not slim but I’ve stayed within my BOX. You know when you divide your height and weight and you have a gauge… I’ve only ONCE been overweight and I was on steroids cos I was very sick and I lost that weight fast! So I know I’m not a svelte singaporean girl, I bloody well know this, I love food, I like exercise, I keep fit, I wish I was 2 sizes smaller and I hope to get 1 size down by Aug but to be called Pudgy, that really hurts cos whatever you wanna call it, Fat is Fat and I’m done being fat but I know that even when I get down a size, some people will still think I’m chubby, cos at 56kg, I was called chubby/ fatty, at 48kg I was told to lose more weight or I couldn’t ‘model’…. 48kg!! That was me being very very unhealthy. It’s just depressing.
However, I have to admit I like how R looks and it would suck if he had a huge beer gut and manboobs but does he have the right to call me pudgy, sure, should I beat him with a sick for it…OF COURSE.
edit: The Husband wants everyone to know that he started out with a compliment about how I looked tone before he made the pudgy remark. Now being a normal red blooded woman…. all I hear is fat fat fatty.


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