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Run Lola Run June 3, 2008

Posted by Marie in Training.
So I did another 3K run last night with Stomper. She’s a great running buddy, she never says I’m too slow, never makes me wait, the only problem she has is that she attracts ants like no other dog on earth. So at least twice while running I have to pick out an ant or two and the lactate build up is no fun. Anyways, I’m so not a runner, it’s either one of these scenarios:-
A) I’m running, I feel stronger, this feels sooo good…. after 5 mins…. I’m running, my chest is hurting, it’s burning, crap, I have to start walking, damn this darn asthma… so I do the whole walk run thing as usual and I’m feeling very annoyed cos all I wanna do is run run run
B) I’m running, my breathing is great, deep breaths, lungs are clear… but wait my legs, feel like they weigh a ton, it’s the slowest freaking run ever, I keep running, hardly needing to stop and I remember how I made fun of the way my Daddy used to run *hangs head in same*. My arms are doing most of  the work they seem to be solely responsible for keeping the rusty engine called my body, moving. Tres Sad. But at least it worked up one major kinda sweat.


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