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Cats vs Dogs June 5, 2008

Posted by Marie in Gripes.
Today someone said something so very silly I had to make a face.
Me: So, do you have a dog?
She: No, I prefer cats……. I think most girls like cats more than dogs.
Me: uh? *makes a face* the, are you serious? face.
It’s as stupid as me thinking that ALL cats were female and ALL dogs were male…. I kinda found out that wasn’t the case by the time I was 6! I just think it’s a silly assumption. I like cats, I love how independent they are and I love dogs in general…. and I know many many girls who’d rather dogs than cats any day.
And no, that’s not Stomper but one day, I hope to get a cat.


1. Mei Hui - June 5, 2008

I LOVE dogs. Cats… not so much but then again, I like all animals in general and all baby animals. 🙂
I did think that comment was silly when I heard it and I also rolled my eyes a little.

2. Marie - June 6, 2008

The only people I know who loves cats more than dogs is… person… daniel. That\’s it. All the other dudes who have cats also like dogs but they dont have the time for a dog.

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