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Weekend Daze June 16, 2008

Posted by Marie in Chill.
It’s been a hellva week, are you ready? Might get tired just reading about my weekend…
Friday, took a half day but by the time I got home and lazed around a bit we only had time to head to East Coast with Stomper for a swim, rushed home, washed up and and met Noel for my bike training. Average speed was 20km/hr for the most bit althought we aimed for 25km/hr, headed to East Coast then to Costal had ‘dinner’ and had to take it back slow cos R had muscle spasms…. cycling to him is like running to me, a wee bit harder. 40km in total, we were back just in time for R’s football, midnight. Whoa.
Sat, made plans for the gym, but… no sane person could cope. Got up and cleaned my bike instead, got ready for some Tony Roma goodness with R’s family, I do love ribs!! Wanted to catch a movie etc but just went back home to crash! Struggled to get up and head to Len’s place, poor sod is bloated with water, I do hope he get’s well soon, the bright mo’ was when we found out that Flo’ was preggers . Awww.
Sunday, got up at 8, made cheesy pancakes, watched Chuck, got ice cream from Ann (yum), went to Wen’s place for a swim, 750m in 40mins, good I  think, I need to increase it to 1km . Thanks again Wen, it’s great to have a pool so close by! Rushed home… I know, it’s freaking non-stop! Head to church, met Angie, viewed a fab place for 630k! It’s so annoying, 21 flr, full sea view, windy, I love the area (grew up there)…. but 630k!! That’s nearly twice our budget. I’m thinking… we have to get a 4 room and do it up REEEEEEEAL nice. Quick Nap. Head out again, for my family’s Father’s Day Do, burgers and black pepper crab with chocolate cake and Brownie Cheesecake ice cream and cider! Yum! I made the burgers, so I left real tired and a bit grumpy.
I’m a bit tired but I LOVE weekends like this and I can’t wait for the next cycling trip! Woot.


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