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Freaking Out June 24, 2008

Posted by Marie in Sob Story.
I’ve always looked at challenges head on, love how much it’s mostly mind over matter. Sometimes you take hits, maybe have to slow down but I’ve always tried. Never looked back… always moving forward. Doctors told me once, I couldn’t dive, please… puh, I love diving and only once in Australia was worried and it wasn’t about my abilities there were issues with the tank… but nearly dying wakes you up I tell ya. Doctors tell me I can’t run… I can, now, run 3km nonstop, slow (sorry Dad for making fun of the way you run… it does help) and it hurts a bit after…ok, it hurts like a bitch climbing up the stairs but I can do it. Am I worried about the Sprint… yes, but I know I’ll finish it, just SLOWLY.
Life… I’ve learnt to travel by myself (enjoy my own company), not to settle and always have a little fun. Now I wish I was a little neater but I know where my ‘shit’ is at, I’m a very organised mess.
Decisions, I’ve learnt to make them, fast, adapt if necessary but never look back. So I have no freaking idea why now… when I should be happy and looking forward to change…. I’m scared shitless, my arms are numb and I feel like crying. The timing just isn’t right but it’s now or god forbid maybe never.


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