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Ode to the Poo Poo Monster June 27, 2008

Posted by Marie in Happy Happy Joy Joy.
The only training I got to do was my regular run with Stomper. I think we both enjoy it so much, even after the triathlon, I’ll continue .
Anyways, the lil Birthday Pup, sure was a happy camper, she woke up to a Rib Treat 2.5 times the size of her face, then we went for our run, she chilled while I went shopping for 2 tops from Mango and 2 shoes . R took the afternoon off and we headed to East Coast… the water was sooo ew, I didn’t wanna do much swimming. But the lil monster had a blast. Then we went to US Doggy Bakery to get her dinner and more treats… too much carbs and not enough meat if you ask me, but she loved her Lamb Pie. It’s amazing how big she is now, how fast she can run, how she still hasn’t given up hope on one day getting that bird (she chases them all the time), how if she wants to.. she can look sooo adorable, how naughty, how demanding, how good, how silly, how smart, etc etc.
I’m just happy, Ann went on that website, if not she wouldn’t be in my life. I’m just thankful.
A few pictures I took with my Nokia
Stomper tired after the run…yeah, she’s long and takes wayyy too much space on my bed!
Trees at East Coast… I love the light, shadows and green
My two loves
I loved the light
Lamb Pie


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