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Sunday and I’m @ work July 6, 2008

Posted by Marie in Gripes.
It’s Sunday and I’m at work. I woke up super early as usual, it’s becoming bad habit, by 7.45am I’m outta bed. Made chocolate chip pancakes; bit messy but oh soooo yummy. Rushed to get to mass then head to the gym. I haven’t done any serious training for the Triathlon, bit disappointed but I’m crossing my fingers. Anyways, I did my 5km run and finished in 38 mins 58 secs, I shaved off 1 min, 02 sec. Yay. 
Now I’m wishing I’m home with my fluffy, nice smelling puppy, getting ready for an afternoon nap. I can only be thankful for the fact that working during the weekend is not the norm.
Speaking of the fluffy puppy…she was a lunatic…ok, bitch on Sat. Took her for a walk, she pull so hard and so sudden, I fell on my knees, then proceeds to eat (I think) or smell, too closely (I hope) another dogs’ pile of poo. Bare in mind, at this point my left knee is hurting, I’d just use tissue to pick up her poo cos I forgot a bag and now I’m screaming at her for eating another dog’s poo…cos most lazy ass mutha fucking singaporeans just won’t/can’t learn to clean up after their pets. So sometimes dumb dogs like mine eat shit (I think)… I dunno, her mouth smelt so ew. So anyways, she got a screaming at and ran off without me and I had to go look for her and cos people who she passed by didn’t notice her or lied to me.. I was sent on a wild goose chase. In the end Stomper isn’t all that dumb so she was waiting at the lil field at the block but refused to follow me….grrr. So 5 mins of kids telling, she’s there, no, she’s gone there, no, she was just here…. I got pissed off… told her to cut the bullshit and get upstairs. She did and got spanked for being an asshole. All you people who dare to judge me for spanking she, go get a shit smelling lick. So she got her mouth washed with soap, punished in the corner for an hour, ignored for another hour and then cuddled. And no, I don’t feel bad, she deserved to get screamed at and she deserved the spanking.
She was MUCH better when I took her out for her evening walk and she got a shower, so she’s all fresh. I do love her to bits but sometime she drives me totally insane.
Ok, I have to actually do some actual work. Blah.
Run/Walk :: 5km, 38mins58sec
Bicep Curl :: 20 x 15 reps x 3
Lat Pulldown :: 26 x 12 x 3
Side Twisty Things :: 25 x 20reps x 1, 27.5 x 15 reps x 2
Tricep Pulldown :: 7.5 x 15 reps x 1, 10.5 x 10reps x 2
Situps :: 100


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