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Grumpus July 10, 2008

Posted by Marie in Gripes.
As I mentioned I’m not a happy person right now, little things will set me off, simple because I have to face many people and smile and answer silly questions and smile and just keep smiling. When I was working at Hilton for a full year and had to deal with the public… I wasn’t a happy person the whole darn year!
I had aimed for yesterday to be a lazy day, do what I have to do, I don’t forsee problems, head home early, chill. Of course that didn’t happen but whatever, I still made it home early and went for a run with Stomper. Then I looked at my never been worn new goggles and headed to Wen’s for a swim (plus, I had to pass her some stuff). Did my 750m swim as fast as I could and it was 9.10pm already. Got home showered, was not impressed with dinner and frankly just too tired to eat so I had a slice of bread with peanut butter and milo, some fruit and by 11pm, I was out cold. Hardly spoke cos….again… stupid things grate and I’m just too tired to explain myself.
This AM, as usual, it was a struggle to wake up, my left knee feels all funny and I might have to cycle to Stef’s place at night to put my bike there. The race starts at 10.45am on Sat, fyi…. so darn late… I hate that I’m gonna be running in the blazing sun, must spray sunscreen, I refuse to get burnt. As tired as I am, I have to admit I kinda like being addicted to exercise like this, cos in general I feel good…cept’ for my knee. Oh well.
Run :: 3.5km, 30 mins
Swim :: 750m, less than 30mins, I think (so easy in the pool, blah)


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