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Alive July 14, 2008

Posted by Marie in Happy Happy Joy Joy.

I’m alive. Yes, at certain points during the swim I really thought about a. giving up b. giving up and c. that I might drown. A bit dramatic but it really was tough. Let me start by saying that 6 weeks with one week minus cos I had the flu, of training for the Sprint wasn’t the brightest plan.


Anyways, Ames couldn’t make it, which of course that threw me off track, with no real training and this being my first Sprint… I started to have second thoughts but I slept on it and woke up early, had breakfast, walked Stomper and slowly got ready. Got there on time and everything. Stretched, check out everyone with their Timex watches and their serious gear and whoa… this is so different from the Mini, however you’ll never see me in one of these cos I’d look like a hippy whale.


The Bad & Good

1. I just wasn’t prepared, these people have months of training.


2. Swim – The current was a bit much, you don’t have to really deal with it for the Mini. I made a stupid mistake and fought with the current which made me so darn tired, I feel so silly now but I seriously wasn’t thinking. Actually fell to my knees when I finally came outta the water, it really was hard, I can’t imagine doing 1.5km! But yeah I was a bit giddy and couldn’t walk straight. I laugh at it now but I looked at R and hissed… " I really don’t think I can do this".


3. This is the first year with no cheering squad and I have to confess it kinda sucked but I now understand why people get married *heh* cos you’re pretty much ensured that you’ll have at least one person at your side when you need someone cos, I get it everyone has to do their own thing but I’m grateful for all the years most of my friends supported me. Anyway, R told me to complete the cycling bit and take it from there.


4. Cycling – I have a mountain bike with slicks and it helps loads cept’ when everyone keeps whizzing by with their racers. Fucksake, I want a racer too! I need my own place badly! Slow and steady I guess till the wind picked up and grrr… Now once you finish the 20km bike but there’s no way you’re gonna NOT finish.


5. The Run/ Walk – So it’s pouring by now and I’m dying, I’m wearing cotton running shorts cos they’re comfie and it got heavy cos of the rain, it’s starting to look like I was wearing diapers *groan* lotsa yanking, walking and huffing. The best bit about the walk/ run was that R was by my side. I am most grateful, seriously I don’t think I could have carried on without him, the 5km didn’t feel as long with him pushing me on and us making fun of people, of me and checking out the cute doggies. Osim Tri rocked as well cos there loads of water points, mist-er fans, icy sponges, energy gel packets, sooooo helpful


6. Why do I do this. I ask myself this question all the time, before jumping outta a plane etc… WHY DO I DO THIS. Right after I collected my Finisher Medal and I have a few minutes to stretch and just be, by myself, I remember. After every jump and especially race, when I pause, tears threaten to fall and I never feel so alive. Maybe it’s pride, happiness, the realisation that I have some sorta willpower or just the fact that a chubby asthmatic girl who wasn’t allowed to run (in Primary school), didn’t learn to cycle properly till she was 14 and has a fucked left knee can finish something like this… no matter how short eg. the Mini… it’s just feels soooooo good and for two minutes I’m just so proud, it feels great and that is why I do it.


Like a good training bra




1. Amy - July 14, 2008

i\’m so proud of you girl!
if you decide to do Nov corp tri i\’m doing it with you, and we start training earlier, rain or shine.

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