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Diet & Dogs July 17, 2008

Posted by Marie in Blah.
Two things on my mind right now…
1. I think I’ve raised, yet another sticky, possessive puppy. I’ve done things different with Stomper compared to Giggs but still…. Sigh. She’s fine with kids and other dogs as long as I don’t touch them. It’s rather maddening and I’m seriously thinking about getting another dog so that she has a sib to play with. I know I have to wait till we get our own place and have a helper… soon I hope. Anyways, breeds I’d love – a Maltese x JRT, Yorkie x JRT, Westie x JRT (do you see a pattern?) or a Carin Terrier…  I love JRTs, I just can’t deal with the shedding.
I just have to sell this idea to R… or maybe I’d find a cute lil puppy and I know my husband can’t say no, cos he’s a sweetheart like that. heh.
2. The Diet. Such a bad, horrible, dirty word. I HATE diets and it’s been ages since I’ve been on a proper one. Usually I just cut down for a bit or whatever…. but now it’s really time to get serious. It’s just so weird, some of my clothes are loose and most just fit better but I can’t get rid of my tummy and my weight, sigh, just plain evil. So on a diet I must go, giving myself a month and I’m thinking the only one that has worked quite well is the South Beach one…. gonna go and look for some meal plans and all that. I’ll keep everyone posted… I foresee a huge FAIL but I must at least try. I’m pretty sure the exercise, training and general lifestyle; keeps me from putting on weight but a diet is the only thing that will help me lose the 5kg (yes, the same 5 kg from 3 years ago).
P/S – Don’t you just hate it when people call their JRTs – Jack or their Husky’s – Husky. Like a lil imagination PLEASE then again anything is better than Ah Boy or Ah Gur and enough Milos please!
Run/ Walk :: 3.4km, 30 mins….legs felt like lead.


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