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What Happened… July 22, 2008

Posted by Marie in Chill.
My slightly long weekend….
Sat – Got my pedi done, finally! Didn’t make it to Le Bistrot cos there was a concert on and Carpark F was closed cos of the NDP dry run . Had to go home remove my makeup, have instant noodles and rush to catch The Dark Knight. I guess the movie made the evening that much better. Heath Ledger was frightening as The Joker, Maggie Gyllenhaal was bent and blah, Christian Bale was total hotness as usual and I know his role was rather tiny but I have a lil thing for Eric Roberts.
Sunday – We woke up early and off the the beach we went with Stomper. She learnt a new word Launch; so she climbs on my back and I got 1… 2….3…Launch and she jumps off. Kinda cool cept that I have scratch marks through my rashguard. Sigh. Then we had Ven’s kinda weekend….chill and sleeeeeep. Woke up, headed to Miss U Cafe, then got some Cheese & Crackers, said hi to Dez, got home and ate some more (yes, at this point I was feeling rather guilty).
Monday – woke up to a gray, blah day… my plan to cycle to East Coast and tan… out the window. So all I did was watch TV, read and sleep, very blah (how many times have I used this ‘word’ thus far?), very annoyed. So I decide to make dinner for R but he wanted the Million Dollar Chicken Sandwich, which is easy and quick to make. Went for my 3.2km run with R & Stomper and we’re …ok, I’m getting faster (R’s keeps having to run back for me  as usual) one day, I’ll keep up, I promise.
That’s it, nothing too exciting… I really need to get on a dance floor ASAP!!


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