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Sleep, De-Fuzz, Eat July 24, 2008

Posted by Marie in Chill.
So yesterday, my left eye was a bit sore…. it’s itchy but it hurts when I rub it and it’s red-ish hence, bloody annoying. The cure for that is always eye wash and more sleep, so I took the day off (cos I can *heh*). I really need a tan and hoped the afternoon would be bright and sunny like TODAY… but as usual it was cloudy and grey. So Stomper and I pretty much slept the morning away and it was awesome.
Woke up and had lunch and just kinda sat there, I don’t wanna sleep some more and decided it was high time to put the Silk-epil Xelle the ladies got me for my birthday to some use. OOOOOOUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, but it’s worth the pain I guess, my legs are fine, my pits are a bit sore and Stomper’s fuzzy butt is a lil less fuzzy ahahaha.
I even managed to put in a run cos I knew I was gonna be stuffing my face in the evening. R came come and we got all prettied up and finally made it to Le Bistro. I forgot my camera and wanted to kick myself, hard, cos I didn’t even bother to bring my darn phone. Anyways, Le Bistro is a MUST go to. I preferred it to Buko Nero (chalk and cheese I know, but for the $$$ spent). We both had the Entree special – Escargot on a mash potato bed and simply put it; was soooo good, I wish I had a dozen, a bit more potato and I could do without my main, it really was that delish. For the main, R had the Carre de Porc Grille au Veloute de Cerpes, Pomme au Four aka Chargrilled Pork with roasted apple. He loved it, eyes closed and everything. I had the Tenderloin…well half of it, gave half to R, a massive about of wonderful shoe string fries and salad. We shared the dessert (thank god) Creme Brulee, the Earl Grey was so light and so wonderful, the dark chocolate was a bit blah and the usual vanilla was good enough. We also had 2 Bellini’s cos we didn’t feel like wine but they do have an impressive wine list. Damage – $158 and I had to unbutton my jeans on the way home.
Monday – 3.2 km Run
Tuesday — Boxing Class, my heart wasn’t it it and it was the longest hour ever.
Wednesday – 3.2km Run


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