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Such a Scolder July 25, 2008

Posted by Marie in Blah.
Today, I’m gonna go for a change, pictures on Monday I guess, crosses fingers everything goes as planned
Anyways, I’m gonna whinge a little. At the gym, I get it that body combat is a popular class that I never attend cos it’s just way way too crowded, it’s it also a safety issue as well, I mean if a room is meant for like 40/50 people and you can see at least double that would still wanna go into the room? Not much movement in that limited space right? Sigh. I had to rush in for Body Pump class as usual and it’s very stressful when you go alone. The simple towel on the floor does not clearly mark the spot anymore. The idiot behind had loads of space and I started out like that too, simply cos I know people will squeeze in and I’m kind and I’ll move back bit by bit and I’ll be left with just enough space…. I wanted to be nicer and move back a lil more and then I heard the idiot behind burping gleefully…. gross, I refused to get any closer. Of course, the burps were followed by grunts, sigh, I admit, I make faces and gasp, but I do not moan, groan or grunt.
This morning, dear Daniel is on leave, and the dude has a bit of an ass so it’s nice to sit with a normal sized lass once in a while ….however, she kept doing the lean on you thingy. I hate it, it’s fucking annoying, seriously there is a window on your left, support yourself against that, come on, no one likes a stranger leaning against them, it really bugs me. When Daniel does it I jab him, I can’t poke a stranger (or can I?), all I can do is move away and give them the nasty glare. Grrr!! I don’t usually sleep on my way to work but if I do I use my bag and arm as support or lean against the window… but this is usually only on my way home cos I know I can go shower ASAP.
The good thing thus far is that 1. I managed to get Wen up and on time (kinda) to take the MRT to work 2. Changi Village with Sonya & Ann…. yum, stingray for dinner 3. I’m going to do a lil shopping and stuff cos I’m on half day!!! yay.
Just so it’s just not words words and more words… a picture, cos how often does one get ASKED by the President of Singapore to take a picture… to be extra clear, he asked. heh.
CrossTrainer :: 15 mins, L5, 131 cals burnt only 😦
Body Pump :: 1hr…. my knees hurts…whine


1. Vendy - July 25, 2008

thank you, ma…

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