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Walking without Whining August 4, 2008

Posted by Marie in Blah.
Why do I always think I can’t get sick from lil kids? Yesterday, I just sat there getting coughed and sneezed on and didn’t budge cos I really thought lil kiddy germs can’t get me, now I have the sniffles, trying to fight it, fingers crossed.
Anyways, I’ve been a lil slack at the gym last week but I did get two runs in; a 3km and a 5km. Then I was told I’ve put on weight (I haven’t) and then the cow INSIST I have…. ok, total rudeness… and to sum it up with "maybe cos you’re shorts are too short"… like uh? ok… I ain’t speaking to you anymore. I mean, really, I don’t understand her…all I said was Hello. Once, we have this same person a lift in our car and she bitches that our car smells of wet dog. Grrr… first of all Stomper doesn’t have a dog smell yet, maybe cos she’s still young, maybe cos she’s a silky mix, cos I know dog smell and it doesn’t stink but I know it. Plus we have pandan leaves at the back (was told fake scents are not good for the car)… whatever, even if I stink…. we’re giving you a lift, a 20 min that’s a detour. I can’t stand it. Anyways, the fat comment made me grumpy the rest of Sunday night.
However the earlier part of the weekend was nice. Started by a great Friday, just Stef, Wen, moi and later joined by Char. I had ciders which always makes me happy and lotsa fried stuff. But we walked Stef back home…. I’m just proud of them for walking without whining .
@ Scruffy’s for cider, fried goodness, cheerful colours and giggles.
Sat, we made it for gym, went shopping (kinda) for G’s pressie. Paid our respects to Merv’s grandma. Got home and watched Kite Runner. I think the movie was pretty terrible, maybe if you watched it and then read the book, it’d be fine but having read the book first the show was disappointing and makes you wanna smack the director. All I can say is read Kite Runner and then A Thousand Splendid Suns meaningful, insightful, readable novels. Now, I’m reading Can You Keep a Secret cos I need something a lil bit more chill.
Run w Stomper :: 3.2km
Run :: 5km, 38 mins
Side Twisty things :: 27.5 x 20reps per side x 3sets
Situps :: 100
Inner thigh thingy :: 33 x 20 reps x 3sets
(note, gotta do weights and then run cos I was too tired to left anything!!)


1. Mei Hui - August 4, 2008

Ahh… finally a post with a pix of you with your new do. I tell you, definitely like michelle williams.

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