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Squirts and Such August 13, 2008

Posted by Marie in Chill.
I haven’t been in the office and it sucks being back. Stomper’s been sick and so have I. I’m kinda down with gastric flu and she has the squirts because of Protozoa. Sigh, it was a hard Monday morning. Finally slept at 1.30am, woke up around 5am to Stomper scratching at the door and when I finally got up cos I need to pee too … major stinky poo, cleaned it up, washed her, aired the room, got back into bed and …she started puking, cleaned that up, got into bed and…repeat. So I got outta the room SMSed my boss and stayed home with her, she seemed better by the afternoon. Tuesday, I wasn’t feeling well, down with gastric flu and Stomper with still having the squirts so she went to the vet. Sigh. I did make liver treats for her and dinner for Allen, I was going a bit nuts just staying home doing nothing.
The weekend wasn’t quite as bad when you discount the fact that Stomper slammed her head into my face causing me to bruise the side of my eye, ate shit (why do people still not clean up after their pets?) … I have a shit eating puppy, it would already be gross if she ate her own poo but no…she has to be one up… other dog’s poo like gum…yum yum yum…. sigh.
It might be a lil sad but the highlights this week was food. ahahaha. Had National Day Scones at Angela’s and then a greasy burger and ice-cream at the airport. As much as I love playing with Ian and Liam, R and I really needed some alone time. Watching parents with kids kinda made me a lil breathless…. Someone asked me why I wanna have kids… seriously I don’t know and frankly I’d rather stay on a farm and have dogs, cats and an odd wolf for company. Kids are like… an expensive mouth to feed, to educate, to pray for and what for? I really don’t know, I think unless you already have a kid, a childless, slighty selfish person can’t answer that question. All I can say is that I’ve been a good mama to both my dogs and a good aunt to my niece (well, I try to, when I get to see her) and my nephews and I’m pretty sure they love me too. Which I hope means one day I’ll be a good mom, I really don’t know. For now, life is just too much fun…yeah, squirts and all.


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