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Hot Stuff August 14, 2008

Posted by Marie in Food and drink.
Headed to John’s current address for some spicy goodness and well… cos it was his birthday. Seriously I’d be so lost if I had to get there myself. The folks didn’t wanna share a level 2 with me so we had to settle on the wussy Level 1 but I have to admit, it was GREAT to actually enjoy and taste chicken. John and the husband shared a Level 4 cos well…. real men like it hot…. rite….
Battered mushrooms… couldn’t get them into the photo quick enuf, about half was eaten, Level 1 Wings and really good fries!
Stand back…Level 4 Wings
The birthday boy wants to try Level 10 soon!
The folks
John’s very swollen mouth
R’s Chili Con Carne wasn’t a great idea after the chicken
John’s Ribs
Mom’s Pork Chops (skip it)
R couldn’t manage a smile after them’ Level 4s
I had the mushroom soup, freaking great stuff, loads of mushrooms and not from a can! Delish.
I had a great time with the family.. now anyone up for trying the Level 10 with my dudes? I think one wing (of L10) a person is more than enough. Personally, Level 4 was wayyyy too hot for me .
Address: 140B Piccadilly (near the flying school) Seletar Airbase
Tel: 64820244
Hours: Mon – sun 4pm – 9.30pm, Closed on Tuesday


1. Mei Hui - August 14, 2008

Gonna ask Adrian if he wants to try. hehe.

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