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In case you were wondering…. August 14, 2008

Posted by Marie in Pets.
Stomper is back to 100% and driving eveyone freaking crazy. I wanted to read for a bit before bed but she kept giving me toys and sitting in my lap, I gave up took the stick with the U shape thingy Singaporeans use to hang clothes up in their kitchen… you know what I’m referring to? Anyways, for some reason she loves being chased by it so I kinda stood in the middle of the house and kinda moved it around for 5 mins while she zoomed from the kitchen to the hall to the living room to R’s parents room and repeat, after 2 water breaks, she’s was all zoomed out and left me alone to read for 20 mins. Yay! I need to take a video of that one day… Stomper on Speed.
And cos it’s about her… I put her on top of my new shelves and enjoying the bone JD & G gave her for her b’day.


1. Sharkbait - August 19, 2008

Awww to know she loves her bone!

2. Marie - August 19, 2008

she tore it apart and then started playin with the different parts… she throws and then chases it… she\’s a wee bit odd.

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