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Enough August 18, 2008

Posted by Marie in Uncategorized.

You know how sometimes you watch TV or movies and you go ok… first of all, no one is gonna hit me OR no way he/she loves me too much to ever do that to me OR I’d soooo leave OR how can she stay etc…


I nearly got hit once, well he’s a really bad shot and he threw a chair at me and missed (told ya he was a bad shot)… I was a bit shocked and then angry and told him to watch himself cos I have two beefy brothers and a kick-ass dad so he’s lucky he misses, but I knew it was over and left him shortly. I have to admit when my boyfriend after him, got really mad at me, I used to put my hand on my head and wait for a hit, it never came and finally told me to stop doing that cos any man who has a mother would never hurt a woman…. Bullshit.


Remember the show Enough, I really liked it.


Yesterday, a friend called and told me her husband hit her, over and over again, so while I was out enjoying my seafood dinner, she was getting thrown to the floor and her head was getting pushed, shoved and whatever else. Needless to say I was shocked, disappointed, sad and angry. I asked her if she could ever forgive him and she doesn’t know but frankly she’s so scared of him she can’t be in the same room with him right now. After we put down the phone, I cried, for the love lost, wounds that can never heal, trust broken, future tattered. I bet she could forgive him if it was one slap, one shove…. a quick moment of frustration. But to have kept at it, over and over again…. I just can’t imagine nor understand. I wish for happy endings but he doesn’t deserve one.


P/S: Please don’t ask me who it is, I’m sure if she knows you, she’ll mention it when she’s ready. Thanks.



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