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100 vs 420 August 19, 2008

Posted by Marie in Health and wellness.
I’m so sleepy, being annoyed, sad and frustrated makes me very tired. I wanted to run yesterday and then it poured…and frankly I thanked my lucky stars cos I was oh so zonked. I’m still sleepy now and the coffee hasn’t helped plus I feel a cold coming… I really need to get into gear. Even if I can’t do a Tri this year, I still have my 5km run in Oct, the aim is to finish it in 35 mins but I don’t get a medal unless I run 10km *pout*. I know I have this thing about medals and all that but I can’t run 10km… not yet.
Anyways, on Sat at the gym with the husband and bro, the brother was teaching me some stuff and fetching my weights and all that, I felt so loved and then husband shooed me away cos they needed to focus, grrr. The point I’m getting to… I was doing sit-ups, a new way the R taught me and ouch ouch ouch, so I can only do 20 at a go x 5 sets… and I asked him how much he was doing and he said like 420 or something…. wah piang! He has the 3rd flattest tummy…. 1st place – John, 2nd place – My Mom and a very very close 3rd – My husband. So you can see why I’m so bloody depressed! I hope this cold vanishes, I think I’ll go for cycling class instead of boxing cos … I can’t be bothered to listen and remember combinations and all that … I wanna just be told when to increase resistance, when to speed up, when to sit down and when to slow down. So easy, so much fatness burnt.
Last week
Cross trainer:: 15 mins, 120 cals, level 4
Pump Class, increased weights for arms and back
Cross Trainer :: 20 mins, 220 cals, L6
Biceps ::20pounds x 12reps, 25pounds x 15, 12, 15 reps
Triceps Pulldowns:: 10 x 8 reps x 4 sets
Some Chest Thing :: 10 x 12 reps, 15 x 12 reps x 3sets
Back :: 6 x 3sets
Crunches :: 100


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