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Rainy Weekend August 25, 2008

Posted by Marie in Chill.
You know what’s better than taking a Friday off for a long weekend? Taking the next Monday off for an EXTRA LONG weekend. I’m so stupid, woulda shoulda coulda BUT didn’t.
Anyways, it was great… cept for the rain.
Friday was lovely… cept for the rain, packed up the designated beach backpac got in the car and 2 mins later it poured, poor Stomper looked all confused like… "where did we go? why are we home already? was I dreaming? grumble/ bark". Decide to get make Mexican-ish lunch; wraps with avocado, cheese and beef, totally yummers. Then got an early start to my donuts. I looked for the KK recipe, cross checked it with Ness’s one and I think we got it off the same site, decide it was a safe bet BUT… I ended up adding 4 more ups for flour …like WTF and I don’t have a mixer at R’s place *whine* my poor fingers. Anyways, cos the yummy hubby (bare chest and all) helped cut the donuts (I used a cup and a shot glass ) and Aileen fried them up, it was finished really quick, but my back still hurt. *pics up soon*
Took a nap, heated up a donut, bliss. Collected my Raffles mooncakes, drool, rushed to HOUSE for dinner.

Worst Dessert EVER – 3 Cheese Souffle, gag… and I really can’t stomach Veal, I felt so bad and then so sick, R ate most of it…. it was delish though.

By the end of the night I was nearly done with … this… it’s sad that blue and orange come so naturally…blah
Saturday, competition always brings out the ugly side of me, I try to suppress it, control it, avoid it…. anyways, we had food, drinks, giggles and a QUIZ… all things Auzzie… lets not include the local carrot cake. My team won, woot, so I got to make Stef, Wen, Cheryl & Marianne do silly things… but the point was I WON… oops, my team won, whatever. Thanks Ames for the funny questions! Ace.
Oh I so SOOOOO need to get that pump and shoot toy!
On Sunday, we had like 30 minutes of sun so I grabbed Stomper and took her to the field for some freedom. Finally made it to mass, rain rain rain… checked out the condo project at Pasir Ris, I love it, I really really do but all the units we could afford were already snapped up. The Penthouse is PERFECT I tell you! Went to look at dogs, cos well, one day we wanna get a bull terrier for my dad… got to get a REALLY young puppy though… or it’ll tear Stomper to shreds .
That was pretty much my weekend…. how was yours?
P/S. Ass is still not in gear… argh.



1. Mei Hui - August 25, 2008

*gasp* you ate foie gras with veal?! ahahahaha.

2. Marie - August 25, 2008

no no no no no no no no.. I had the veal only… like 5 bites.

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