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Metallica August 26, 2008

Posted by Marie in Music.
I know part of the reason why R wanted to marry me so quick was cos I was a Metal Junkie and although I hardly listen to my past favourite bands, at least I understand his love for them plus I have 2… yes two Tool Limited edition boxsets and a rad Metallica CD set which I intend to frame and display proudly when we get our own place and make sure everyone knows it’s MINE, not his. 
I still love Metallica, have to forgive them for Black and St Anger and I’m hoping their new album rocks. The problem is that R listens to them at full volume and I just can’t.. I already slightly deaf in one ear… mostly cos 1. in school it’s only cool that the person standing next to you on the bus can hear every note played, every word screamed when you have your earphones on 2. standing near the speakers at clubs (only space to put my drink down) and 3. attending STEPS concerts (shudder) and I just don’t wanna go more deaf. He’ll listen to their new album full blast in the room and I’ll pull up a chair outside the closed door and listen to their new album at a normal volume.
So I’ll leave you with their first track of their upcoming album (sent to me by the husband of course). Kinda like One, yes? 


Edit: One more track, listen quick before they remove it Cyanide



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