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Bye Ailine September 1, 2008

Posted by Marie in Sob Story.
It’s been nice having someone to talk too (kinda) when I get home about Stomper, food…mostly about Stomper. Ailine left this morning to go to Spain to work at 12.05am. I didn’t wanna say bye, I know how much Stomper’s gonna miss her and how much she’s gonna miss Stomper and gosh, it beings tears to my eyes. It’s the cutest thing, she and Stomper have this strange connection, she’s like the dog whisperer or something when she can’t play with Stomper she’ll tell her very nicely and softly "You go sleep ok, Kaka Ailine needs to do work/ cook/ iron/ etc, when I finish I’ll play with you ok?" Stomper goes under the sofa and sleeps for an hour or two and then demands at least 15 mins of loving or play time. It’s the sweetest thing.
I wish her all the best, I mean part of me kinda hopes she’ll come back but seriously, I can’t imagine giving up on Spain, being able to get PR there (Singas, no chance in hell, even if she’s been here for like 20 years!), finding love, the spanish sunshine, the cute but kinda short men…, the food!! I’m a wee bit jealous! I wanna go to Madrid too!
Stomper was looking for her this morning…



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