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Blueberry Mornings September 2, 2008

Posted by Marie in Happy Happy Joy Joy.
Last weekend was busy…kinda, I like. Friday, I actually got off my ass for my run, Stomper was pleased. R went out with his students for their farewell party and now they all get to call him by his name. People ask if I should be jealous… I dunno, maybe but I’m not, I’m still quite hot lah… when I put in effort, ask me again when I’m 40.
Saturday, we made it for the gym, Ann and myself went for Combat!! It’s been more than a year and I’ve only been taking boxing classes so I put in a lot of effort in my punches and then there’s the hops, jogging on the spot, to the left to the right and jumping and half way I was DYING! Got some stuff done at Orchard and the rain didn’t make it a pleasure! Went to my parents place and then to Changi Village with them to have lotsa Sambal Stingray! Finally, R got to watch Hellboy 2. I have to admit it was alright.
Sunday, I’m proud of what I managed to do in 2 hours. Woke up at 7.45am, took Stomper for a good walk in the sunshine, the field was muddy, she was a damp mess but that’s ok cos she’s scheduled for a bath. Got home, showered her etc, watched a lil Bold and Beautiful while getting my Blueberry, Ricotta cheese with a bit of lemon zest Pancake ready. 9.30am, R’s up, all pancakes are done complete with a blueberry syrup.
Yummy pancakes with blueberry syrup I made
*don’t judge the plate… it’s not mine!!! heh.
A clean puppy
Last week
Thurs:: Body Pump, 1hr
Friday :: 3km run
Sat :: Body Combat, 100 situps, Inner & Outer Thing Ab/ Ad 20 x 3 x 33


1. Mei Hui - September 2, 2008

Stomper looks very pretty in that pix

2. Marie - September 2, 2008

yeah, usually she just look naughty.

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