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Tooth Fairy Wants a Ransom September 9, 2008

Posted by Marie in Gripes.
The weekend was not pleasant. Basically, I was out of sorts on Saturday so I stayed in instead of going to the gym, got bored to decided to go visit my folks. In the evening we headed to get some prata and well had a uncomfortable encounter with someone I rather not see or smile at… the wife beater. The highlight was Wall.E, I did love the show and mostly the kids in the cinema were quiet.
Sunday, my jaw started to ache, I was grumpy and still went for mass, saw my parents there and we had lunch…. tooth started to ache like crazy. Watched Eva Longoria’s Over Her Dead Body… glad it was a free DVD. 1 actifast panadol and zzzz, woke up… ouchhhhh… 2 of those blue panadols, manage to have dinner and take Stomper for a walk but I wasn’t happy, 2 more actifast and tried to control the pain, kinda just laid still with my head on R’s lap, gave up and took one more of the blue ones and forced myself to sleep.
Got up and .. the pain was gone but R said no to work cos I was a tad bit of a raging bitch on Sunday so I HAVE to get my tooth checked. A whole hour at the dentist and he’s gonna try to save the tooth but this time (same tooth, it gave me problems in 2005) he doesn’t think it’s going work and I’ll have to do a root canal the next time it hurts . Even the cleaning and polishing horrid. Sigh.
By the afternoon I felt much better and bored again so I baked some Liver Treats for the dogs which includes:- Chutney, Milo, Rover, Steel, Sheba, Samson and the poodle on the 6th floor. I also cooked R dinner, it’s nice to get thank you kisses but I didn’t think the pork turned out as well as it usually does but it was alright.
Orange scented Pork Loin on Baby Spinach with Garlic Mash
This I found in the kitchen and I thought my Dad in-law was gonna change all the handles in the kitchen or something but it’s a NUT that people eat! Then I saw it at Shop n Save! So you have to boil it and cut it open before you eat it. I don’t like it and it’s too much trouble. They’d make cooler door handles.
*photos taken with my N73 (cos I was lazy) and I know the plate’s not pretty.


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