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Wait Wait Wait September 12, 2008

Posted by Marie in Happy Happy Joy Joy.
I can’t wait to Christmas… actually, I can’t wait till December. I was a little disappointed cos some of the girls couldn’t make it to Bangkok for different reasons and well the fact that I’ll already be going to Phuket (a place I’ve been before) and had only gone to Bali (another place I’ve been before) this year, the ‘traveller’ in me was crying inside in shame. So, some of the girls are gonna pack our bags, cos we really need this trip and go to Vietnam!! Yes!! I can’t wait! Hanoi, HCMC… I don’t care, I just can’t bloody wait. A decision will be made this weekend and the tickets will be bought soon. Wheeeee!!
Other than that, I’m freaking tired today and my body aches like crazy, went into overdrive yesterday at the gym cos I’m been such a slacker. I’m still annoyed that a certain someone gets all the gifts but has left us in the dumps, it’s stupid and unfair and I hate that I have to smile when I just wanna say quitter! However, I’m sad to see Kerine and May go… they are kinda interesting  in a very nice way. 3 people leaving this month…sheesh.
Run :: 3km, 22 mins, 190 cals
Body Pump :: increased chest weights, 1hr


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