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Weekend September 15, 2008

Posted by Marie in Happy Happy Joy Joy.
Stuff your face and sleep it off Weekend.
Friday, we bid 3 people toodles and had dinner at Serenity Bistro, I think they still need to tweak a few things… service being a slight sore point. I was waving my hand like crazy and the place was over-staffed and only 30% full and yet no one came over, all I needed was sauce and one waiter kinda threw my coaster on the table (that was a first ever) The Wagye wasn’t done right (I wanted medium and was served well done, blah, sent it back). However, the food was pretty good and I believe if you go between 3-6pm it’s 50% of the Tapas. It’s Mediterranean fusion (bad word, I know) so there’s seasame on nearly everything!
Food Porn (click)
Serenity Restaurant & Bistro
Tel: 63768185
Saturday, we didn’t have much luck with the weather but I woke up at 6.15am (couldn’t sleep) and made my Roti John’s for the Breakfast with the Girls at Wen’s place. Lotsa local food with OJ being the healthiest thing on the table and we dragged our oh-too-full tummiest to the pool. Fun Fun Fun till you get squirt in the eye, ear or nipple and then you look at trigger happy Wen’s pictures and go… crap, shouldn’t have had that roti prata!
Food food and more food….
Oh hai, I prefer to be dry…

sneak attack on Tasha and Chris
I kept hearing… Mommmmy, Auntie Marie keeps…SQUIRT….scream, whine, repeat.
I ain’t no Lara Croft but I’m pretty good with water
Tasha…take that!!
Thanks to Wen and her water cam… I also want!
Sunday, woke up super early again, it’s becoming a bad habit, took Stomper down to chase birds (gotta get a video soon), breakfast, watched TV, miffed there wasn’t B&B on (spoilers cos we’re soooo way behind) cos they were showing DH re-runs. Went back to sleep, woke up… crap, football…dang but Liverpool won and ManU lost and R’s face was black and I did a silly dance with my hands…. and I don’t even like football but I support Liverpool… it’s a childhood thing. Slept some more. Got up and headed for East Coast for a wet run with Stomper, I was dying! I don’t think I have enough energy to train for the Sprint, I’ll do the Mini and improve my ‘skillz’ and timing.
Today, I’m super tired cos… well I couldn’t sleep last night. When will I ever learn… too much sleep and gym are No Noes on Sundays.


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