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Music Makes You Move Faster September 19, 2008

Posted by Marie in Entertainment.
Convo in the car on the way home from the gym…
Listening to Metallica’s new album which rocks… the few songs I’ve managed to listen to, R’s been hogging the CD
M: Do you think the Metallica drummer (Lar Ulrich) is good?
R: Yeah, I suppose, why?
M: Cos Michael  (Hurley’s Dad and so to be Cassie’s Bali Boy) says he’s not, but he’s been voted best drummer 3 times in a row
R: Well, Tool’s drummer is actually better
M: Hmm… *make a mental note to re-listen to AEnima or was it Lateralus… or do I have both*
M: So Ann, which drummer do you like
A: silence… erm… the drummer from Journey is pretty good
M: uh? Are you serious?
R: snigger
R: It’s like comparing Britney Spears and Dolly Parton
That was the end of it.
Not feeling it, I really need to be consistent, 3 x a week, no excuses
Jog/ Walk:: 20 mins, 2.1 km… very slow
Pump class
My knees hurt so badly I feel like I need a walker.


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