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Weekend Recall September 22, 2008

Posted by Marie in Happy Happy Joy Joy.
I finally did the 3 days at the gym a week! Phew. It’s hard sometimes having such a competitive mother, sometimes I wanna strangle her but usually I just whine and bitch and ignore her. So when I told her my aim was to run my 5km at the gym in 35 mins but was getting only 38 mins, she of course had to go ahead and push herself to do it in 35 mins. Again, it’s hard and I hope I never get like this when I get old but… grrr. However, I did hit 36 mins so I’m getting closer but by next week I need to get to 6km, cos the treadmill is always easier than pavement.
Saturday night was nice. Spent the evening with R’s friends and their wives. Babies, music, local ‘celebs’ etc…bitch bitch bitch… doesn’t Suzanne Walker make your ears bleed and your brain go into spasms? So fun. I’m still struggling to wrap my head around the fact that one day … I would wanna (as in plan to) get all fat and lumpy and veiny and squeeze a melon outta my va-jay jay… seriously? Sometimes, I freak out just thinking about it, other times I surf Old Navy and go…awww, pregger pants are so cute or and I saw this lovely dress for a baby girl on Baby Gap then I go back to but but but.. kids are just too expensive!! And I love travelling, how like this!!?? Gasp. Anyways, it was nice to have a night out, Timbre for dinner and to make fun of the band and then to Ben & Jerry’s till they closed at 1am!! We didn’t sleep till like 2.30am! It’s been ages since I’ve been out past midnight. Lame, I am aware.
Sunday, I tried to make Eggs Benedict, but I failed and didn’t wanna try again cos I don’t even like runny eggs. Instead fried eggs for R, scrambled for myself, chipolatas, some cheesy bread and then half a grapefruit to balance it out. Had pohpia for lunch with more fruit. zzzz. Woke up, headed to my mom’s place, my folks and us walked Stomper, I had asked Yati to make dinner and brought it over, kinda yum and then Mommy surprised R with a super early super chocolate birthday cake! Nice family-ish Sunday.
Now it’s Monday and I’m soooo looking forward to the weekend already.
Gym, Sat
Run/ Jog :: 5.2km, 38 mins, 300cals
Situps :: 200
Thighs inner & outter :: 33 x 30 x 1set , 40 x 20 x 3sets
Back of thiggs :: 30 x 15 reps x 3 sets
Triceps :: can’t recall


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