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Sugar Aids October 13, 2008

Posted by Marie in Chill.
Last week started out with me being a lil lazy and then it pick up but ended shitty. Blah.
So anyways, Friday was a bit lame. We went to gym, worked out hard, got home, ate, R wanted to watch a DVD but I was just too tired. The stress at work especially on the day of an event kinda drains me. So after 20 mins of I was zzzzzzzzzz.
Saturday was GREAT! Woke up early, walked Stomper, had breakfast and then out the door to meet Wen to get a lil sun. Did a half lap in the pool and just that little bit loosened my muscles. Got home, made salad and fish fingers  and after went back to bed for a nap. Since I had to collect my race pack in town, it was great to finally go on a date. So we watched Vicky Christina Barcelona and like all Woody Allen films it makes you wanna go visit. Bought new slippers… yes, I just can’t get enough. Since we were so good for lunch we had Tony Romas for dinner! Woot!!
Sunday, got up super early 7am… blah. Brought the puppy down for a run in the field, breakfast and rushed to get to the gym. People are FREAKS, we reached the gym at 8.15am, class only starts at 9am and at least 6 people had setup for Pump class! So we had to go setup too and only then dump our stuff in the locker. Did a lil warm up on the bike and let the pain commence. I upped my weights for triceps and my biceps, tried for my shoulder but OHMIGAWD. Then I forced Ann to get on the treadmill and run for 20 mins. I think it was a fantastic workout and a morning well spent. Then we went window shopping and like murphy’s law… I forgot my wallet and saw many many things I want! Damn it.
Headed to east coast road for lunch with R’s family to celebrate yet another birthday then to T’s place to cut the …birthday pie. Nice change. By 4pm, I need the bed badly. zzz. Got up, got annoyed and then angry… cos once and a while I’d like to not have to ask, I’d like people to just tell me what they want, I don’t wanna guess or make decisions …. grrrr. So dinner plans got cancelled and I made pasta and cos I was so upset I had soda and Phish Food for dessert. Bad bad bad. Now I have to really watch what I shove in my mouth.
Run :: 5km, 36mins 20sec  
Side Twisty things :: 27.5 x 15 reps per side x 3 sets
Inner and Outter Thighs :: 40 x 20 reps x 3 sets each
Situps :: 200 lifted leg crunches
Warmup :: 12 mins, seated cycling
Body Pump
Run :: 2.5km in 18 mins …blah


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