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Would Likes October 15, 2008

Posted by Marie in Happy Happy Joy Joy.
So today, I’ll be spending a s**t of load of moolah and I have to admit…spending makes me go giddy with joy. I wanna get my camera lens and R’s pressie. Then I started thinking of all the things I need sooner or later and whoa!
1. Nikkor Lens 18-200mm (bought it)
2. iMac 24 inch 2.8GHz
3. A new mobile phone… please NOKIA… come up with something fancy or I’ll just have to settle for an iphone with Starhub!!
4. Sports Watch with interval training (I think my Mommy & Daddy got this for me)
5. Pretty Sports Watch with no real point
6. Canon G10
Oh what do you know… I have my Christmas Wish List. heh.
Cycling (warm up) :: L6, 8km, 15 mins
Crosstrainer :: L6, 35 mins, 300 cals
Abs Twist :: 30, 15 per side, 3sets
Sit ups (legs up) :: 200 (25 x 8 sets)


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