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The Adventures of R’s Pressie October 16, 2008

Posted by Marie in Chill.

So I have to word this such that I won’t give much away….


Went to Orchard cos it hit me that I really should get R’s Birthday, Anniversary + Christmas Present ASAP. What’s up with Orchard Road? Like the streets are packed, people and cars everywhere but inside the shops …empty. So I got the present and the decided to look for my lens… and stupid stores in Orchard raised the price, so I’ll just have to go back to good ol’ Parasilk. Anyways, the present is a bit heavy and bulky and with the bag it was in, it’s a dead giveaway. So additional shopping, yay? Well…. not really. With the level of service, I remember why I like shopping online.


I walked into G2000 to get 2 work tops I’d seen that I liked. I asked for my size in a colour I wanted, she got me to try another colour and then told me not very nicely that they didn’t have my size in black (I wanted a smaller size, fyi ) …. so I ask her to check if they have it at bugis or tampines? She looks around and walks away… like wtf? Comes back and I’m like… yes? Looks annoyed and goes, I’ll call. So I go look at another top and I get back to  the counter… no answer. I place the two tops I want on the counter and tell another girl I’ll take these and she nods, says she’ll get me new ones and then….. handles another customer… ok…. I wait 5 mins and walk out. Get this the store WASN’T EVEN CROWDED. I saw 5 staff and there were like a couple and 4 other ladies.


Anyways, walk around some more, I’ve fallen in love with a black pair of heels but I will control myself and wait for the Nine West sale. Finally I gave up and walked into Dot Perks and asked for a paper bag… I even told the girl why I needed it and she gave me the look…. the " Like I Care… Loser" look, ain’t life grand? I think Wing Tai need to re-train their staff, fast.


I also had this flash where I’m one of these old ladies who loves to explain things in great detail, even if no one around them cares or wants to listen. It’s sad, I know my friends (mostly) find it amusing, my husband tunes me out and some people roll their eyes. Whatever, tough shit, I only explain cos I care… when I don’t bother is when I get quiet and sullen and it’s just not fun. 


Anyways, finishing up. Got home, R looks at the bag and goes "You bought me a dress?" days like these make me appreciate the fact that he’s good looking. So we scramble to the room, Stomper and I manage to chuck him out and I spend a good 10 minutes finding a good hiding spot. Can’t wait till the 20th!



1. Unknown - October 16, 2008

My wife should be a reporter for the ST ; ) She knew I was being a smart ass. Need to be one since I have a very different view of my looks – R

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