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Partei October 17, 2008

Posted by Marie in Blah.
I wish I was going on holiday in 6 days  but I’m stuck here. The USD has gone up so there’s no way I can bug MH to get me loads of stuff, blah.
Bit grumpy, I hate when my clothes get lost, missing, put in the wrong closet, just another reason to get our own place ASAP, cos I couldn’t find the top I wanted to wear, I was late and missed the bus, taking the MRT and 95 just puts me in a foul mood. BUT it is Friday and later on, I’ll be stuffing my face and getting (I hope) nicely sloshed with my friends for Oktoberfest @ Brotzeit!
But first, before I go enjoy myself I have to go nag a bunch of students…political students at that, about their event. It’s suppose to be simple, I suggest what they should do and they decide if they wanna follow my advise or just do it their own way. However, my boss is a control freak and it gets passed down to me. Wonderful.
Waiting, Waiting, Waiting…….
Run :: 5.3km, 38 mins (did 5km in 35 mins 45 sec .. 35 mins doesn’t seem to be happening)


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