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It’s Nearly the Next Weekend! October 23, 2008

Posted by Marie in Happy Happy Joy Joy.
I had tried to write about my weekend but my computer or this site went nuts and I couldn’t save it or publish the entry.
So here’s the summary, the weekend started out great at Oktoberfest on Friday, we ate, acted silly, I’m not fond of beer so I didn’t get anywhere near sloshed.. ahh the disappointment. Click HERE to see the photos.
Saturday I kinda just slept and slept and slept till I got hungry at 2pm and just had to wake up. I haven’t had one of those day in ages I tell ya! Rock! No plans, so I decided to kinda shave my puppy, not bald of course… she’s just kinda cropped and layered and her fur feels all soft and silky and most important, she’s not hot and I saved 40 bucks till her next professional trim in Dec.
On Sunday, we had to go to the gym and I do love getting my ass to the gym early, it’s not crowded, clean-ish and quiet. We also managed to go see a few condos; tiny, but I do love pools. AND we brought Stomper to Changi for a run.
Then comes Monday, at 00.01am, I’m bugging Allen about my pressie but he won’t budge. Sigh. Took a half day cos I really wanted to colour my hair and get it blown straight. After 2 hours and before dinner my curls came back, sob. We’re off to BLU at Shangi La. I’m not really into the super fancy stuff, I like good food but I like to keep it simple like steak, good seafood, pasta, pizza stuff like that but…. WHOA. The view, have to mention it, was amazing. The service, 5 star. The food, I wish I had brought my dSLR but that would be a bit tacky. The presentation was so interesting and taste, yum, wept grinning over our champagne.
Finally, after we ordered, it was time for the presents. After months and months hearing R whine about watches, I finally got him the Omega Planet Ocean, it’s huge and it’s orange and I think if you threw it at someone and it hit them on the head, they might just die. His reaction was much like a 5 year old girl getting her first Barbie.  It was cute, priceless and I’m just pleased as punch that I made him so darn happy but I had to ‘shush’ him, oops. Then it was my turn and I got this pretty diamond two stone pendant on a chain. I mean diamonds…yay, very bling…yay. Hmmm… I was also thinking….I rather he got me my camera lens. ahahaha. THEN… there was another box… too small for my camera lens… earrings maybe? Quickly opened it and gasp, tear, grin… a Breitling watch! He knows me well. ahahaha.
Tried to get a shot of the view
The Teasers – Brie with truffle & some jelly thing with a pawn in it, went *pop*
My Beef Stew (taken with my camera phone) and our cheesecake dessert
Us with the dessert tree
My new watch!!


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