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Pump it October 24, 2008

Posted by Marie in Training.
Boy, I’m glad it’s Friday. Been so tired, I think my body is fighting off the flu or something my neck is hurting badly. I just need to stay fit till the 26 Oct and get better by the 1 Nov. Got it body? Ok, I’m going nutters. I’m looking forward to the run this weekend, should be interesting, I’m aiming for 40 – 45 minutes cos if not, I’m gonna be disappointed and grumpy and I’m having a family party on Sunday so I gotta be all happy happy joy joy.
Cos I’ve been a slight slacker this week, I have to go for pump on Sat  but what pleased me was that I FINALLY managed to complete my 5km on a threadmill in 35mins 7 secs. I’m ignoring the 7 seconds. Gonna try to run maybe 2/ 2.4 km outdoors this evening.
Run :: 3km, 20 mins
Cycle :: 10 km, 22 mins (thighs turned to stone when I was done, scary)
Run :: 5km, 35 mins 07 sec
Ab Twisty thing :: 30, 15 reps on each side x 3 sets
Situps (legs up) :: 200 (25 x 8sets)


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